Английский язык. Задания для ознакомления

Английский язык, 2 класс. Конкурс «Жар-Птица»

1. He … good marks.
a) have got
b) have
c) has got

2. I … ride bicycle.
a) am
b) do
c) can

3. A doctor is … a hospital.
a) to
b) into
c) in

Английский язык, 3 класс. Конкурс «Жар-Птица»

1. It’s … in Africa!
a) hold
b) hot
c) got

2. Would you like to … to the forest?
a) go
b) do
c) to

3. What is he …?
a) wear
b) wearing
c) wears

Английский язык, 4 класс. Конкурс «Жар-Птица»

1. The bag is … the table.
a) after
b) into
c) under

2. He … his friend with homework.
a) help
b) helps
c) waiting

3. We will play…
a) outside
b) outwear
c) output

Английский язык, 5 класс. Конкурс «Жар-Птица»

1. I have put my hands … cold water.
a) in
b) to
c) on
d) into

2. She get good marks in English … she learns all the words.
a) because
b) that’s why
c) beside
d) besides

3. … the floor?
a) Washed she
b) Did she wash
c) Was she wash
d) She washed

Английский язык, 6 класс. Конкурс «Жар-Птица»

1. … I take your pencil?
a) may;
b) do;
c) will;
d) let.

2. Let’s … basketball today!
a) playing;
b) play;
c) plays;
d) place.

3. Last summer we … to Novosibirsk.
a) go;
b) went;
c) had gone;
d) have gone.

Английский язык, 7 класс. Конкурс «Жар-Птица»

1. … you show me your new computer today?
a) could;
b) want;
c) please;
d) go.

2. He didn’t know … she said.
a) what;
b) that;
c) than;
d) then.

3. Let’s … sports together!
a) go;
b) do;
c) to;
d) so.